Do you like pets? How about robotic pets? How about pet robots that are playful, big on character, intelligent, caring and useful?

We are an early-stage high-tech startup developing a platform for home pet and companion robots for consumers as our warm-up product. Whether you are a software developer, a DIY enthusiast or a prospective customer, join us on this exciting journey!

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By makers - for makers

Initially, our product will enable makers (DIY enthusiasts) and STEM to

  • 3D-print pet robots.
  • Have the robots map the user's home and navigate around the home.
  • Endow pet robots with character and skills.

We are offering FREE, open-source (FOSS) software, firmware, hardware, designs for DIY 3D printing, CAD designs, documentation and tutorials for our robots.

Gods of mods

Just like with pets, one breed or size or character does not fit all. We get that! That's why our product is a platform, not another social robot. The platform will enable DIY enthusiasts to mod (modify) our off-the-shelf models to craft a multitude of pet robot "breeds" and endow them with a character and skills of their choice.

And, of course, the latest-and-bestest AI technologies including ChatGPT will be duly connected to the platform and available to the pet bots.

A rabbit pet robot
A curious dog siding up to a pet bot
I will bet you'll love this pet

Our target customer is everyone who likes pets - and who doesn't. More specifically, there are several potential audiences:

  • Firstly, there are people who would like to have a pet - for purposes of companionship, security or entertainment - but cannot have a cat or a dog. For example, people like that may not be allowed to have live pets at home. Alternatively, some people are allergic to live pets.
  • Other people may not have time or desire or sufficient mobility to care for live pets - including being away from home. Examples of people in this target audience may include seniors, people who live alone - including young people, busy people, people with medical problems.
  • Another target audience is early adopters of high-technology products. These people may be of younger age and tech-savvy.
  • Yet another target audience is people who would like to impress their friends by owning a novelty product. I think we can help out a bit in this department.
  • The DIY robot kit version enables tens of millions of STEM students, makers (Arduino, ESP32, 3D printing) and robotics enthusiasts (ROS/ROS2) to build their own pet robot that is exceptionally affordable, yet remarkably high-tech.
  • Last but not least by far are senior citizens in need of companionship and care. "Silver wave" is on its way. Naturally, a pet or companion robot may not replace a human senior living assistant, yet a human assistant can offer more attention and care with the help of robotic aids.
Business Bets on Robot Pets

Do you believe in the future where robots are everywhere, bringing about the enormous civilization benefits? That future is yet to happen. Ahem, jokes aside, consumer robotics is a hard, long-standing problem. That said, whoever solves this hard problem stands to benefit - and grow - greatly. We are in this business because we believe REMAKE AI will someday join the Magnificent Seven. We believe we have the business insight, the growth recipe and the skill to execute.

Are you a robot hardware manufacture, a software developer, a consumer robotics reseller? Partner with us, work with us to join the explosive growth once the consumer robotics revolution takes off.

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Awesome 3D-printable pet robots - for makers and STEM!
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