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REMAKE.AI startup progress update 01-2024

REMAKE.AI startup progress update 01-2024

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Marketing results

In January we continued focusing on the technology implementation - in particular on adding support to a large number of low-cost laser distance sensors. This step is necessary both to bring down the cost of the robot parts kit and, later, to evaluate and select the best performing LiDAR/LDS sensor models. We expect that publishing these results will also bring us some publicity and raise the brand recognition in the robot maker communities.

Technology and MVP results

  • We have successfully interfaced these LDS sensors:
  • The LDS02RR PCB adapter was successfully brought up
  • We’ve added PCB adapter support for 3irobotix Delta-2G LDS.
  • We have reorganized disparate robot firmware into the single, “platform”, configurable version. This is an important step for making a software platform.
    • As part of the platform merge, we have implemented robot configuration - using a web browser - to select the robot’s LiDAR/LDS type, robot and motor models.
  • Miscellaneous technical progress
    • The robot’s MCU “factory reset” feature has been redone to satisfaction
    • We’ve brought all PCB designs into a single PCB repository to simplify and streamline the source code access and the release process.

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