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REMAKE.AI startup progress update 08-2023

REMAKE.AI startup progress update 08-2023

The first pet bot version has been designed in Fusion 360 and printed using a Voron 2.4. Please find the design file(s) here. Why don’t we name this pet bot model Snoopy.

The first alpha firmware version is complete, including motor control, 360-degree laser scan capture, WiFi setup.

The code is written using Arduino for ESP32 and makes use and Micro-ROS. Please find the code here.

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Micro-ROS - with robot-specific extensions - has been packaged into an Arduino library, see code here.

A ROS2 stack - including ROS2 Gazebo simulation - is a work-in-progress, see code here.

You can also install the Docker build environment to play with the code. Snoopy robot in Fusion 360 Snoopy robot in Fusion 360 - bottom view Snoopy 3D-printed and assembled without bumpers Snoopy 3D-printed and assembled with bumpers Snoopy's head being 3D-printed on a Voron 2.4 350mm Snoopy's head completed 3D-print

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