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REMAKE.AI startup progress update 12-2023

REMAKE.AI startup progress update 12-2023

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Marketing results

In December we put marketing on a backburner in order to focus on the technology, MVP backlog and making the first product version for sale. Also, this allows us to see the difference that our active marketing efforts add on top of the passive, organic word-of-mouth follower growth.

Technology and MVP results

  • successfully interfaced a $15 laser distance scan sensor to the product’s Arduino board (but not yet to ROS2) as proof-of-concept and obtained a live data stream
    • this development is particularly important since it allows us to bring the product cost-of-parts (and possibly the retail price as well) below $99. Making the product widely affordable is one of our key goals.
  • added fully-automatic exploration when creating a map (needs debug)
  • tested product with various motor alternatives
  • added battery level firmware measurement
  • added Raspberry Pi Pico head [extension PCB starter firmware]
  • iterated design of the main Arduino ESP32 PCB
  • designed the Raspberry Pi Pico head extension PCB
  • designed the LDS02RR adapter PCB

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